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Peer advisors are junior & senior MCB majors who volunteer their time to complement the UAO advising services by sharing their knowledge of and experience with lower division requirements and upper division classes, experience with student groups on campus, preparation for life beyond the B.A., and use of various campus resources.

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Email/gchat: (gchat during business hours only)
Twitter: @MCBatCal
Instagram: mcbpaws
Office Location: 3060 VLSB

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Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his
Hometown: Oak Park, CA (GO EAGLES!)
Emphasis: IMM - Track 2: Infectious Diseases
Double Major: Public Health
Research: Raulet Lab (Past: Huntington Medical Research Institutes)
Activities: Morning Sign Out, Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity, Highland Hospital, Cal Club Golf
Post graduate plans: Medical School
Current Schedule: 
MCB 250, MCB c103, PH 150E, PH 196, Pub Pol c103
MCB Classes Completed: All lower division requirements (Chem 4A instead of Chem 1A/L), MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 132, MCB 150, IB 131, PH 142, PH 150A,  PH 150B, PH 150D

Hi all! My name is Alex, and I am a fourth-year double major in MCB (Immunology) and Public Health. My passion for the sciences and interest in pursuing a career in medicine inspired my decision to major in MCB, and it has been one of the best decisions I've made at Cal. Outside of classes, I am or have been involved in research (clinical, public health, and wet-lab), IM and club sports, writing and editing for a biomedical publication, and leading a professional pre-medical fraternity on campus called Phi Delta Epsilon. For fun, I like to spend time playing piano and guitar (sometimes a bit too loudly...sorry neighbors), and going to concerts. Please don't hesitate to drop by the UAO to discuss anything from MCB and being pre-med at Cal to music, sports (Lakers!), research, or life in general. Looking forward to meeting you all and to helping you out in any way that I can! Cheers!



Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Emphasis: BMB-Track 1: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Minor: Global Poverty and Practice
Research: Hurley Lab
Activities: MCBcDNA, The Suitcase Clinic, FSI (Field Study Internship), Issues: Berkeley Medical Journal DeCal, Spoon University (past), RHA (past; Residence Hall Assembly),
Post Graduate Plans: Gap year, Medical School
Current Schedule: MCB 100B, History 136B AC, GPP 105, Public Health 197
MCB Classes Completed: Bio 1A/1AL, Bio 1B, Chem 1A/1AL, Chem 3A/3AL, Chem 3B/3BL, Physics 8A, Physics 8B, MCB 32, MCB C61, MCB C100A

Hey Y'all! I'm Aurelie, an MCB (BMB Track 1) third year and a Global Poverty and Practice minor. I am passionate about studying urban social inequality and aim to address the issues faced by marginalized youth through medicine and policy reform. I plan on taking a gap year after graduation before applying to medical school which will give me the foundation necessary to eventually establish my own practice which will be grounded in the principle of community outreach. Currently, I am heavily involved with The Suitcase Clinic, which serves the low-income and homeless population in Berkeley. I am also shadowing a physician through the FSI (Field Study Internship) Program. Other previous experiences I have had include marketing, biochemistry research, and writing - all things I'd be more than happy to talk to you about if you are interested in navigating those avenues as an MCB major! Berkeley can be an intense place to be and I know that I would not be able to get through the stress without having someone to talk to and besides from class or extracurricular advice, that is something I can definitely be there for! I'm so excited to meet you and help in whatever what I can! 


Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Emphasis: GGD - Track 1: Genetics, Genomics, & Development
Minor: Education 
Research: Thorner Lab
Activities: SLC (Bio 1B Study Group Leader), Suitcase Clinic, Wonderworks, MCBcDNA, Kappa Gamma Delta, AFX
Post-Graduate Plans: Gap years before MD-PhD
Current Schedule:
Classes Completed: All lower division requirements, MCB C100A, 
MCB 110, MCB 135A, MCB 140, NST 166, PH 142 

Hi! I'm Becky. This is my second year peer advising and I'm so excited for it. I'm a senior majoring in MCB, emphasizing in GGD Track 1, minoring in Education. I'm planning to take at least two gap years after I graduate before applying for MD-PhD programs. In the past, I've done URAP, the SMART program, and SURF if anyone has questions about research programs at Berkeley. Additionally, mental health and wellbeing are very important to me. Berkeley can definitely get overwhelming in so many different ways. It can even be confusing knowing where to go for help. Peer advisors are a great first stop to point you in the right direction even if you don't think we have the answers (but you'd be surprised how often we do). I'd love to talk to all of you about MCB or anything else you want.


Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Emphasis: IMM – Track 2: Infectious Diseases
Research: UCMP
Activities: Cal Pre-Vet Club, Artists in Resonance A Cappella (AiR)
Post-Graduate Plans: Veterinary School
Current Schedule: 
MCB C112L, MCB 102, PH 142, ColWrit 10A, IB 198 (Neurozoology DeCal)
Classes Completed: All lower division requirements except Physics 8B, MCB C112, IB 148, PH 112

Hi! My name's Brandon and I'm a third year MCB - Infectious Diseases major. I'm also an aspiring veterinarian so if you sometimes feel in the minority because you're not a pre-med MCB student, I definitely know how you feel! I wasn't always so passionate about veterinary medicine, though. Like many Cal students, the difficulty of the classes here really discouraged me at times, but I found the right help to get back on track. Outside of classes, I'm really involved with the Cal Pre-Vet Club as well as my a cappella group, Artists in Resonance (AiR). I can't wait to meet you all, so come swing by and let's chat!


Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Piedmont, CA
Emphasis: GGD – Track 2: Developmental Genetics
Minor: Spanish Language and Literature
Research: Feldman Lab, Laudencia Lab (USDA)
Activities: Ballet Company at Berkeley (Co-President), URAP
Post-Graduate Plans: Work then Graduate School
Current Schedule: MCB140L, MCBC148, Public Policy C103
Classes Completed: All lower division requirements, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 141, ESPM 162, PH 142

Hi all!   My name is Hannah and I’m a fourth year Developmental Genetics emphasis.  I’m also minoring in Spanish. During the last two years, I worked in a lab in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology and starting last summer I've worked at the USDA in Albany studying wheat genetics. Besides science, I’ve had a great time being a member of Ballet Company at Berkeley and I’ve been the financial director and co-president for the past two years.  I also like baking and biking, crosswords, and theatre. I’ve always thoroughly planned out my schedules and I’d be happy to do the same with you!  I’d love to answer questions about MCB, Cal, research, or how to manage your classes.  Or feel free to stop by and chat about anything else!  


Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his
Hometown: Hobbs, NM
Emphasis and Track: BMB – Track 1: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minors: Chemistry, Music
Research: Drubin Lab, Baranger Group
Activities: UC Wind Ensemble, Innovative Design, Berkeley Free Clinic Medic, MCB C100A Tutor, DeCal Facilitaor  (Issues: Berkeley Medical Journal, A Musical History of the Wind Band) (Past: SURF, You Mean More, Volunteer at La Clínica de la Raza, Chem 112A/B Undergraduate Teacher-Scholar, CalSO Leader)
Post-Graduate Plans: Medical School
Current Schedule:  MCB H196B, HMEDSCI C133, Music 128, Music 142
Classes Completed: All lower division requirements, MCB C100A, MCB 110, MCB 140, MCB C212A/B/C, Chem 113, Chem 130B, Chem 135, PH 142

Hi y'all! I'm Jordan, and I'm a fourth-year studying MCB (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Track I), as well as pursuing minors in Chemistry and Music. My interests in biochemistry and education have pushed me toward the medical sciences, my ultimate goal being to combine teaching, research, and human health as an attending physician. I am currently wrapping up applying to medical school and will matriculate to an M.D. program in Fall 2017. On campus, I stay busy with research on stem cells and endocytic proteins in the Drubin/Barnes Lab. Outside of MCB, I volunteer, play saxophone in the UC Wind Ensemble, teach a few DeCals, and spend far too much time at Asha Tea House. Feel free to come by the office and chat with me about anything from BMB/Chemistry classes to applying to med school to astrology and Myers-Briggs types!


Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Emphasis: Neurobiology
Research: Auer Lab at LBNL
Activities: Transfer Mentor
Post-Graduate Plans: Graduate School
Current Schedule: MCB 160L, MCB 165, MCB 481B
Classes Completed: MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 160, MCB 161, MCB 163L, MCB 166, IB 139, STATS 131A

Hi! My name is Junha, and I am both a transfer student from Diablo Valley College, and an international student from Seoul, Korea. I am currently a senior, majoring in MCB with an emphasis in Neurobiology. My personal interest is the mechanism of pain, but I love every other topic that is related to science in general; I am absolutely certain that there is no one else who loves science more than I do! In fact, I love science so much, my plan is to continue onto a graduate school, so that I can keep on studying science. Also, as a transfer student and an international student, I am more than happy to chat about how I found my place at Cal. If you are having a hard time getting used to Cal and want to hear about someone else's experience, or want to know what Neurobiology emphasis is really like, or just want to talk about science in general, feel free to stop by!

I have either taken or am taking every Neurobiology courses there are. If you want to know what each class is like, I would be delighted to share my experience! Also, if you have any questions regarding the differences between two Neurobiology lab courses, I can help you out! I have taken MCB 163L and I am currently taking MCB 160L. If you want to know the exact differences between the two, come visit me!


Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA
Emphasis: Neurobiology
Research: Wildsoet Lab
Activities: Phi Delta Epsilon, Project Vision, URAP
Post-Graduate Plans: Gap years, then medical school
Current Schedule:
MCB 104, IB C143B, and East Asian Languages 112
Classes completed: All lower division requirements, MCB 102, MCB 135A, MCB 160, MCB 161, MCB 163L, PH 142

Hi everyone! My name is Maya and I’m a fourth year MCB major with an emphasis in Neurobiology. Early on in my time at Cal, I was unsure about MCB, but seeking guidance from older students and taking more lower division classes helped solidify my interest in the major.  For the last two years I’ve been working in a lab at the School of Optometry studying myopia, which has sparked my interest in vision science and neurobiology.  I hope to pursue medicine after graduation and am currently on the board of Phi Delta Epsilon, a pre-med fraternity. I love going to the beach, doing yoga, and exploring the Bay Area. Feel free to come talk to me about schedule planning, class recommendations, research, the MCAT, or anything else to make your time at Cal more fun/manageable! 


Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers
Hometown: Santa Clara, CA
Emphasis: IMM - Track 2: Infectious Disease
Minor: Nutritional Science
Research: None currently - Previously McCormick Lab
Activities: Peer Health Exchange, Kappa Gamma Delta Pre-Health Sorority, HIV Prevention Services-Berkeley Free Clinic, Alzheimer's Services of the East Bay Volunteer, (Study Abroad: Global Internships in Dublin), Pre-Medical Honor Society, Prytanean Women's Honor Society.
Post-Graduate Plans: Gap year then Medical School
Current Schedule: MCB C103, IB 140, NST 160, and NST 11
MCB Classes Completed: 
All lower division requirements, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 135A,MCB 150, MCB 150L, IB 131, MST 166

Hi! I'm Meghan and I'm a senior majoring in MCB with an emphasis in infectious disease and minoring in Nutritional Science. I spend a lot of my time volunteering in the Berkeley community which has helped me develop a strong interest in health care and health education, especially relating to sexual health and geriatrics. All these experiences have made me sure that I want to pursue becoming a doctor. In my free time, I love to watch all movies but have a special place in my heart for the horror genre. On a brighter note, I've just come back from Dublin, Ireland where I took classes at University College Dublin and interned with two respiratory health organizations, so if you have any questions about studying abroad or anything else you know where to find me!


Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his or they/them/their
Hometown: Westlake Village, CA
Emphasis: Neurobiology
Minor: Comparative Ethnic Studies
Research: Feldman Lab (current), Kaufer Lab (previous)
Activities: Volunteer at Berkeley Free Clinic, You Mean More, Undergraduate Research, Rubik's Cube DeCal and Rubik's Cube Club at Berkeley, PEACE Tutoring, Pre-Medical Honor Society
Post-Graduate plans: Medical School
Current Schedule: MCB 161, MCB 165, Spanish 3, Ethnic Studies 144AC
MCB Classes Completed: All lower division requirements (except Bio 1B), MCB 102, MCB 160, MCB 104, PH 142

Hi everyone! I'm Nick, and I'm a third year MCB (neurobiology) major! I have always been interested in a career in medicine, but since coming to Berkeley, I have become particularly interested in using medicine to serve underprivileged communities. I feel drawn to this type of work because it is at the intersection of my passions for biology, human health, and social justice. On campus, I have been heavily involved with research, mental health awareness through You Mean More, studying for the MCAT, and more. If anything here sounds interesting or useful to you, feel free to drop in and chat with me! I'm honestly interested in not only helping with basic MCB tasks, but getting to know you as well. Also, if you come up with any terrible MCB jokes, please come talk to me because I love terrible science jokes! Looking forward to meeting you.


Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His
Hometown: Moraga, CA
Emphasis: CDB Track 2 - Medical Biology and Physiology
Minor: Computer Science
Research: Laboratory for Skeletal Regeneration
Activities: Camp Kesem, Surgical Training Facility at UCSF, Cal Climbing, Phi Chi, Chem1A Teacher-Scholars, Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP), IM Ultimate Frisbee
Post-Graduate plans: Gap year and then medical school.
Current Schedule: MCB104, CS160, Physics8B, Psych1, PhysEd2
MCB Classes completed: All lower div requirements, MCB102, MCB136

Hey there! I’m Omid and I’m a third year majoring in MCB (CDB emphasis) with a minor in Computer Science. I really love studying Biology, particularly physiology and how the body responds to external stressors, but I decided to add a CS minor because I found that I also really enjoyed puzzling my way through coding problems and learning the intricacies of computer systems. I’m currently a member of Phi Chi which is a Pre-Health fraternity, and after graduation I’m hoping to take a gap year and then go to medical school.
I spend a lot of my time in Orthopaedics at UCSF where I work in the Surgical Training Facility and the Bone Regeneration Lab. Both great experiences that have really given me new perspectives on the medical field. Also, I love to teach, and for the last four semesters I’ve been a Teacher Scholar for Chem1A. So if you have any questions about Lewis structures hit me up!
In my free time I like to go rock climbing, play IM Ultimate Frisbee, and watch Basketball (Go Warriors!). I also take a lot of naps, so don’t be surprised if you catch me sleeping on the glade if it’s a sunny day!
I know trying to navigate Berkeley can be daunting, but that’s why we’re here to help! Come by and say hi!



Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his
Hometown: Solana Beach, CA
Emphasis: BMB - Track 1: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Minor: Bioengineering
Research: Ryan Lab
Activities: Cal Sailing Team, MCB C100A tutor, Chem 3B UGSI, Undergraduate Research, Amateur pianist
Post-Graduate plans: Take a gap year(s) and ultimately attend Medical School
Current Schedule:
MCB courses taken: All the lower div courses, MCBC100A/B, MCB C112, MCB 110, BioE 147, and IB 117

Hello there! My name is Zachary Brown, and I am a fourth year Molecular and Cell Biology major with an emphasis in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Track 1) and a minor in Bioengineering – or MCB-BMB/BioE for short. Want to be able to spit out some sick acronyms of your own? Come talk to me! I’ll be able to help you if you have any questions about the MCB major, how to succeed in specific classes, schedule optimization tips, or just how to best utilize your short stay at this fine campus. In my tenure here I’ve made all kinds of mistakes that I would love for you to learn from.

You should realize that at UC Berkeley you are inundated with opportunities, both on and off campus. And though this aspect of Berkeley can at times be overwhelming, together we will be able to navigate this ocean of seemingly endless possibilities into the inlets that best suit and are the most interesting to you! And finally, if you ever find yourself getting too stressed out or thinking a predicament is unassailable, I would like to leave you with a great piece of advice paraphrased from the visionary MC Ride, “Forget where you’re from. Forget where you’re going. It’s all about where you’re at.” ~ Stefan Burnett (MC Ride)